Development Set-up

Host Environment

Let's start by installing Linux on your PC. We recommend Ubuntu™, but feel free to use any Linux distribution. Follow the instructions listed on the link for installing Ubuntu.

Download Ubuntu

Additional Packages (required on Ubuntu 10.04)

Install the following packages after Ubuntu is up and running. Open the terminal application and run the following commands:

Packages Package Details Install Instructions
Minicom Required for Serial Output http://omappedia.org/wiki/Minicom


Supported Distributions

PandaBoard is optimized to run various mobile open source software distributions such as Android, Ubuntu, MeeGo and more. To date, the pandaboard.org community offers full support for the following distributions. Click on the links below to visit the OMAPpedia wiki and start developing on the distribution of your choice:


Select a Distribution Below

Linux Minimal Android Ubuntu
Details: These binaries are to be used to get you started on your development platform. Advanced embedded Linux developers can visit omappedia.org for information on how to build each of these into your environment.

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