The objective of this project is to enable/run knoppix-adriane Linux Operating System on PandaBoard.
Adriane knoppix is a debian based linux operating system,with accellerated boot procedure: Independently from the usual SysV bootscripts, multiple tasks of system initialization are run in parallel, so that interactive desktops are reached very fast.

What's Adriane ?
ADRIANE is an easy-to-use, talking desktop system with optional support for braille, which can be used entirely without vision oriented output devices. Especially access to standard Internet services like email, surfing the web, scanning and reading of printed documents and using mobile phone extension services like SMS (over the users own mobile phone) are supported.

ADRIANE uses SBL (Screenreader for Blind Linux Users) from Marco Skambraks and Halim Sahin with Debian-integration by Klaus Knopper, speech-dispatcher/espeak as speech engine. Because of a python bridge, the screenreader also interoperates with orca, which is the graphical screenreader used together with compiz-fusions zoom functions after switching to graphical mode. The easy audio-desktop is being realized by dialog and bash-scripts in a consistent user interface, and is therefore very portable and easily extensible.

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