PANDACLOUD -A Prototype for cloud computing platform on panda board

Use PANDA to create and maintain ad-hoc cloud to provide platform as a service. Today in the
era of smart phones and tablets having a hardware constraint to run any application residing in
your machine is a major drawback. So consider a scenario where you are traveling (Bus/Trains/
Flight), where there are several phones/computational devices, of which while some are highly
active, some may be totally dormant, thus wasting a lot of processing power when there is a need
for it. So having a single PANDA as a controlling device (cloud server) , all the platform could
register itself to the cloud to provide its computational capabilities (also to use), thus acting as a
CPU hot-plug to add more cores to PANDA as and when they register , thus creating an ad-hoc
cloud system dynamically without any additional resources. With good load prediction algorithm
in place, Applications can be launched in this multi-core system, without having to worry about
the device's own processing power.

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