Open Source Auto-Focus Camera

The main objective of this project is to build a cheap auto-focus camera using OpenCV libraries.

- 5 MP Auto-focus camera module.
- Runs on linux with custom user interface.
- Social-oriented (Upload pictures directly to communities like Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, etc.).
- Community based development.
- Media Player.

OpenCV is a widely used, cross-platform real-time image processing libraries. The key applications of OpenCV include Facial Recognition System, Gesture Recognition and Motion Tracking which are sufficient to provide functionalities we find in regular cameras like Face Detection, Smile Detection, image stabilization, different shooting modes (like Panorama, smile shot, continuous shots, etc.), etc.

The user has full access to code thereby allowing him to tweak the existing code or write new ones. Wrappers for languages like C#, Python, Ruby and Java are already developed. Therefore code can be written in any language. Also code written by community members can accessed and downloaded. The downloaded code can be installed in the camera. This allows the user to upgrade his camera to better functionality.

Further, this can be used as a Media Player. Also functionalities like Geo-tagging can also be implemented if the board has a built-in GPS.

Project website: 

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