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Odee has announced buy fifa coins over the PA that BlinG has won the Team Dignitas contract. Just like that, Samayan ‘BlinG Kay is a pro gamer.He takes his honourary black and yellow Team Dignitas hoddie and throws it on with a massive grin. The other contestants applaud as well, pleased and unsurprised by the announcement. All day long, BlinG has been the man to beat. He stops every few feet to shake hands with another player, or one of his new colleagues from Dignitas. "I couldn't be happier!" he says, "hopefully I can practice with the other players from Team Dignitas, and take it all from there."It's been a long but memorable day for the contestants.

Each of them have won a cash prize for reaching the finals, and they all take home goody bags for attending. Second, third and fourth place take home a share of the prize pot, too. More importantly, many have gained their first taste of proper tournament competition. It's experience that will stand them in good stead for future events. BlinG took home the contract this time, but Dignitas are sure to be keeping their eyes on many of the finalists. In a year's time it would be no surprise if some of their names are sure to start making waves on the international stage.Tags: Featured, Blizzard, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Real time strategy, esports, Team Dignitas,

Why RTS sequel Supreme Commander 2 has gone from 'good' to my 'Game Of The Year.'If you loved Supreme Commander, you probably didnt like Supreme Commander 2. And if you didnt like Supreme Commander, you probably didnt play Supreme Commander 2. It was an awkwardly pitched sequel: a game that solved the accessibility issues of the first game, bought primarily by people who didnt want them solved.Since its release, though, sustained precision fire from the Tech 3 Patch Cannon has knocked SupCom 2 into impressive www.fifa14world.co.uk shape: a large scale RTS with smart economy management, but easy to play and understand at the basic level.

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