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My first job write a resume from the beginning, I would often go to this company operated by the shopping center. Been there once when writing your resume, the first interview and the second interview were later went several times to visit shopping centers are also competitors, and write down their advantages and disadvantages. This is a great interview come in handy. Most impressive is the nike tn requin second interview the first question: Have you seen our mall to do? My answer to the interviewer satisfied.
company's problems will take time to prepare, from the briefing, the news media, the official website and other means to collect information, and then contact their strengths in order to write down every word Jingui "inauguration reason." Just a few hundred words, spend a lot of effort. xt, is the exposure to various enterprises. I started running around, many companies will have a description of quota, the action to be fast.
my first job monthly salary is 200,000 yen.

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