Nike Free Run + 2 M - Chaussures homme running Route

Unless professional runners or nike requin pas cher injury problems, do not recommend buying the top section, I had once excited to buy a mizuno prophecy, and found this great shoe or decency, or have to run fast, I weight 75kg multi-point, rather awkward to wear these shoes sprinting spirited, long distances but can not guarantee the speed loss knees, and later purchased asics culumbus 13 pour more suitable. 2013-01-30 Add a comment Thanks for sharing does not help • nike tn requin Favorites • endorsed a report against a Liu, a praise how is it so hard? Less foot Bai everyone agrees is not the same ah.
In general, NB and asics good professional to do running shoes. The higher the price, the better the basic quality and shock absorption. You cross to know. I bought the best shoes asics nimbus12. Is very good indeed! !
not recommended Nike, Nike is looking only. 2011-12-172 comments Thanks for sharing does not help • Favorites • Report endorses three against three Kai, HP, ERP consultants, SAP financial modules. Be programmed ... Less LIU Nian, Zhang Xiaosong, knowing

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