nike chaussure Pas Cher

Toe hits go almost as far as center shots. Definitely get the stiff flex if you have a fast swing. Got this last week to replace an original Adams 16 degree. This thing has the ball rocketing off the face. With the Adams I was hitting 170 175, with this 210 easy. Has a great feel with the graphite Regular shaft. I am now looking for a 7 or 5 to complete the set. Good God what a wood. The best that I have ever played (from the Boom to the 906) nike TN homme. The sweet spot hits bullets off the face and heel toe shots are still airbourne at 10-15% less yardage. This is a great club from long or short grass. Ita dream off the tee. I'm using the stock stiff steal shaft and feel like it was made for me. 10 out of 10. My search for a 3 wood has finally ended. I purchased this baby 1 week ago.hit it at the range, and played 2 rounds with it. This club isn't a miracle worker, but it does everything overall quite well: off the tee, out of the rough, and off the deck. Nike has a great product with the Sasquatch woods. I look forward to getting the 5 wood and possibly the driver. A great club to consider and it won be leaving my bag in a hurry.

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