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company nike tn pas cher introduced shoes in Guangzhou lion statue Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales of safety shoes, safety shoes, work shoes, anti-static shoes, insulation shoes, protective shoes and a variety of professional shoe business, in line with China's national product (industry) standard, the European EN345 standard and the American ANSI Z41 standard company safety shoes products are exported to Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan and other countries and regions, the company introduced the world's most advanced German DESMA injection molding equipment manufacturing technology with help and under the supervision of Taiwan's Bureau of Quality Supervision . With years of technical precipitation design safety shoes, people-oriented, full account of the principles of ergonomic design suitable for a large number of industries use safety shoes, safety shoes, antistatic shoes and insulated shoes and many other styles and forms variety of protective footwear styles of our products, including merchantability areas: various fields of industrial production in petroleum, chemical, automobile manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, electric power, construction,timberland femme machinery manufacturing and food to welcome the advice to buy>!

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