Marques Nike Air Max Bw Homme

AIR JORDAN 16 began to take 16 generations will find a kind of get a feeling of deja vu, patent leather toe cap from 11 generations, visible air cushion nike requin pas cher and mesh material from five generations, translucent outsole from six generations. Important is that this is not a simple imitation, but based on these classic design more bold innovation and continuity, foremost of which is removable magnetic shoe covers design and a new Blow-molser Air cushion. Detachable shoe design is very clever, remove the shoe to reduce the weight of 16 generations, increasing the permeability and flexibility, better suited to play. And put on shoe covers 16 generations overall sense is very strong, the appearance of novel, full of stylish atmosphere. It's like an arena Chipin just still have athletes put starched suit blink of an eye, the shuttle in the office room, highlighting the "change" theme. Although Jordan left the stadium, but still can not be separated from loved basketball, and he did Wizards boss Michael Jordan basketball shoes myth continues. Look closely you will find that in the end the words outside jordan pattern is formed by the 16, there is a window in the bottom cushion, in fact, is in line with the heel cushion in the bottom with a layer of the same layers, the overall feeling good. Mesh material and suede,air max tn leather uppers composition has a better permeability and toughness, the shoes I have thick design make the shoe close to bare feet and get an excellent sense of the parcel, the whole palm was carbon fiber trays strong and stable, before and after the palm cushion, has a good sense of speed and cushioning, while a certain extent, reduce the height of the shoe, the shoe sole more fitting end to get the best sense of space. 2001 was launched.

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