Helping interface for dependent people

Gesture/vocal interface to help person suffering from handicap (Blindness, paraplegia, quadriplegia) or elder peoples to keep independence:

For different use schemes:
- To locate: a speaking GPS telling location (street name) on request (button or speech recognition).
- Read and tell (OCR and speech synthesis)
- Speech recognition actuators
- Gesture (eye movement or body movements) or speech commands for actuations
- Status of remote or local sensors of equipped home
- Communicate easily (voip and connected link thru wifi/GSM)

Bringing all these features with the help of software:
- Gesture integration, character read OCR: image sensor and image processing
- Voice recognition / speech syntheses : audio processing
- Actuators and sensor (Local : serial / Ethernet link; remote Bluetooth wifi)
- Speech synthesis integrated for reading or locating
- Communication VOIP (start, stop communication with predefined list of contact trigged by voice or gesture)

I know all these functions already exist separately, but want to integrate all these features in one system with all the advantages of the pandaboard :
- Small form factor
- Low power consumption
- Connectivity (video sensors, wifi Bluetooth…..)
- Power for video and audio processing
- Linux and OMAP Community
- Get a fully integrated solution with one small board!!!
- Pandas are peaceful and powerful bears!

Time Frame :
First hardware and software integration (within 6 month):
- Pandaboard
- Headset /Microphone
- Speaker
- GPS (uart)
- Webcam USB
- Bluetooth sensor/actuator modules
- Gesture recognition (hand, body movement) and set some linked action
- Speech recognition and set some linked action
- Speech synthesis
- Actuator and sensors (got some Bluetooth/serial sensors and actuators)
- Get street position with speech synthesis work

Second hardware and software integration
- Pandaboard
- Headset /Microphone
- Speaker
- Design of an extension board GPS (external module with uart), image sensor
- Battery pack and case
- Eye movement recognition and set some linked action
- Develop a graphical interface for option settings for helpers
- More integration with person environment (generally home for quadriplegic or old people)

Personal background:
- Affected by persons suffering from handicap, elder peoples…
- Already set up some helping electronic (sensors, actuators)
- Want to develop a open community of helpers around pandaboard
- Work in electronic engineering (software AND hardware !)
- Developed electronic hardware devices (digital cameras, bluetooth sensors and actuators)
- Got a master in signal (audio and image) processing: openCV is my best friend !
- Developed linux driver for image sensors, PCI boards, LCD displays…
- Got some gesture recognition working on my Ubuntu intel inside computer

Will create a wiki directly in OMAPpedia !
my project mail:

Project website: dedicated page ?

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