The goal of this project is to establish a desktop environment for Android. Specifically for a living room setting, connected to a large LCD television.
The platform will be partially open source using the Android OS and the Android Marketplace. The Box will be controlled via a Bluetooth All-Inclusive-Trackpad.

The proprietary trackpad will include the following:
Bluetooth 2.1 Capability
Multitouch Capability
QWERTY stationary monochrome trackpad backlight
(Optional features could include, compass, gyro, and a VGA camera)

The DroidBox will perform very similar to the current Droid smart phones and tablets. All the input sensors found in a typical Droid tablet would be included in the proprietary trackpad. The purpose of the platform is to create a cheap family media center that is supported by many current Android Apps. Games and productivity apps alike, could be ran from the couch. The box should be small, lightweight, limited in overall features, and most importantly cheep.

Many extended features of the OMAP 4 platform could be omitted to further lower production costs. Here are the fundamental requirements:
Bluetooth 2.1 / Wifi bgn
Ethernet 100/1000
1x SD Card Slot
1x HDMI Out
1x USB
1x 5V Power Supply In

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