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But recent innovations such as the back pass rule, the different interpretations of fifa 14 coins the offside Law, goalkeeper substitution, punishment for tackles from behind, experiments with kick ins instead of throw ins and other ideas have proved that the Board is alert and receptive to ways of encouraging development and meeting the needs of modern football. In 1982 Wynton Rufer was a member of the New Zealand team that played in the World Cup final round in Spain, and after that he made a career for himself in Europe. Oceania's Footballer of the Century has since returned to his homeland and is now engaged in several activities: helping the only professional team in the country, assisting in the development of the country's footballing youngsters as well playing a role as an active Christian.

Wynton Rufer is completely at ease as he sits behind his desk. Nothing shakes his calm approach and he says with a friendly open smile: I am just enjoying this period of time. What he says has a sincere ring to it. The former top level forward, referred to as Oceania's Footballer of the Century, has come back home to New Zealand after finishing his career in Europe. With the stress of a professional footballer's life now behind him he is revelling in the change. But that does not mean that he is idle. Far from it. He is in fact preparing for a return to the front line. His base is at 10 Boston Road in Auckland, not a fashionable location, in fact a fairly ordinary commercial area. But it suits Rufer's modest style. Here he spends several hours each day, organising his new life.

On the ground floor of the Christian Life Center' building he has his own office a corner of a large room. Rufer is a firm believer and an active member of the Christian community which has provided him with these simple facilities within its property. Not long ago his life was much more hectic. They called him Kiwi in Europe and the athletic New Zealander was a handful for any defence. With the German Bundesliga club Werder Bremen he won the league title 1993, the DFB Cup twice 1991 and 1994 and the European Cup Winners' Cup 1992. There are not many forwards of his calibre enthuses his mentor at Bremen, coach Otto Rehagel. He helped Rufer develop into a world class player at Werder, and in 1997 when Rehagel switched clubs he recalled Rufer from the edge of www.fifa14store.co.uk retirement after playing in the J League in Japan to join him for half a season at 1.

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