Buy a PandaBoard

Prior to placing an order for the PandaBoard, please note:

  • The distributor shows that they have -0- in stock. When can I expect more stock to order?
    • Often, distributors have a backlog of orders. So, we recommend you place a order as soon as possible, get in the queue and wait. This is the fastest way to get a board. 
  • The distributor shows that estimated ship day is MM/DD/YYYY. Does it take so long to ship my board?
    • PandaBoard production cycles make it difficult to predict the ship dates accurately. If you want a board it is recommended you place your order ASAP at the distributor and wait.
  • If the lead times are long how can I ensure that my order stays valid after few weeks?
    • During the ordering process some distributors offer a option to 'not' cancel the order after a specific period of time. Ensure that you select it during the ordering process.
  • Are there any other distributors where I can buy a PandaBoard than the ones listed below?
    • No. The official distributors are listed below.


Here is a list of distributors who sell PandaBoard ES:

Here is a list of distributors who sell PandaBoards:

PandaBoard Accessories:

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