Air Max 91 bw - ton-usine grossiste nike air max

generations of design from the F-15 fighter. The biggest feature is the norm have an anti-tongue, the tongue but not close to the upper opening forward nike tn requin so that people immediately think of Jordan that will never fit into the mouth of the tongue. Shoe design makes use of the entire pair of shoes to wear off easily, the vine was first used as a knit uppers material was demonstrated unusual level of technology. After the shoes have to keep up, there is a row of numbers, followed by 23 (jersey number) 6 (six championships) 15 (15 generations) sole is a trapeze word mark and 2.17 (Jordan birthday). Technology: full palm ZOOM offers good slow vibration performance, before and after the two widened palm design, in charge of bringing more stability trays. 15 generations is not following through 9 generations Jordan shoes, but Jordan was in the later game through nine generations have engraved version, so the only pair of Jordan 15 generations is never in the race through the shoes. air jordan Chaussures
1999 was launched.

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