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Made with uppers, soles in whole or in part, with the main, in Baotou, with the hook heart. Many shoes classification method. Divided by use of domestic leather shoes, leather shoes, labor protection shoes and military, and designed for medical rectification shoes deformity foot custom. According to the pattern main ear, tongue, pale mouth type, shoe leather, shoe and high waisted, semi cylinder and cylinder. Various patterns of various sizes (shoes) and fat (Fei Shouxing), in order to meet the needs of various foot type and preferences of consumers. nike tn pas cher
shoes with leather has developed. According to the wearing object can be divided into male, female, children's shoes; to wear season into the spring and autumn shoes, sandals, cotton shoes; according to the structure can be divided into high (Gao Yao), low system (short waist), single shoes, leather shoes to wear clip; by nature can be divided into life with the shoes, labor protection shoes, according to the physical property is divided into insulated shoes, shoes, leather shoes and so on conducting anti.

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