Porting adroid on panda board

Porting android and linux on panda board.

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board for unified communications.

EZRA II Environment Control System

The EZRA II System is an environment control interface created to allow quadriplegic and other disabled persons the freedom to control their living area. The system currently includes a Bluetooth connected hospital bed controller, a speech synthesizer for those with limited speaking abilities, and an interface to control "X-10 home automation" enabled lamps and appliances. Future plans for the system include integration with various multimedia devices, gaming consoles, and speaker phones. The user interface for the EZRA II system is an HDMI connected monitor and the user input consists of several discrete "sip-puff" pressure switches.


A plastic enclosure for Pandaboard - http://inventorslab.net/PBC1.pdf

Color - Ivory-White Polycarbonate Plastic
Expected Price $49

Color - Crystal-Clear Polycarbonate Plastic
Expected price $59

If you are interested in pre-ordering, please email at pandahut@inventorslab.net


A plastic enclosure for Pandaboards.


escuela sustentabler

Tenemos proyectos para el gobierno de mexico sobre escuelas sustentable, proyectos para bancos y plantas de tratamiento de agua. Requerimos de Pandaboard que los podamos visitar y platicar a detalle porque requerimos comprar 2000 equipos de inicio.

Mike Pinzon
celular 5548336896

Embedded Computer Vision Platform with PandaBoard

Embedded Computer Vision Platform with PandaBoard Project url: url


Testing the exciting features of this great board. Low cost computing for the masses.

MS0x00 - the Hackerfleet's first Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle (ANRV)

Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle
The MS0x00 is our first autonomous boat. Currently very limited in its engine power, it serves us as testing and benchmarking platform for hardware and software. We're happy to hear about your ideas, encouragements, source code, experiments or hardware.

Apart from testing the already included components, we will use the MS0x00 as technology carrier and support platform for future projects like the SY0x2A, which will be our first autonomous sailboat.

The highly modular system as sensor platform will not only serve experiments, but also generate public data in the form of e.g. water surveys. We are thinking about high resolution depth charts, chemical or physical property maps, etc. depending on the sensors available.

The ship's central brain is a Pandaboard, which controls a smaller microcontroller system. The rudder and 4 HP main engine are controlled by this microcontroller via a i2c databus.

If you're interested in the project or want to be informed and discuss about recent developments, subscribe to our mailing list.


Attempting to build a municipal wireless mesh for a WISP in Northern Utah utilising the PandaBoard ES for each gateway and node with the included WLAN chip connected to a 2.4GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna and the new Broadcom 802.11ac chip attached to the board and a 5GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna.

Each node with antennas and second WLAN chip should cost less than $600 and all software will be open source with Ubuntu Server and WING for Linux.

We are currently developing the proof of concept Gateway on our first PandaBoard.

For more information, contact the main developer at bryan@cachetelecom.com

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